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Senior Manager - Operations (STARS)

Job Function

Fuel Farm Management

Job Summary

The Senior Manager drives the business unit's compliance with safety, quality and environmental regulations as well as data governance policies. He/She collaborates with each worksite to plan for fuel stock, ensure fuel quality and approve complex maintenance work. He/she is also responsible for emergency response plans to enable the operation unit to deal with potential disruptions that cannot be anticipated. Externally, he also manages strategic contractual issues with customers and maintains strong relationships with key business stakeholders.

Apart from overseeing daily operational demands, the Senior Manager supports business continuity, developing the organisation's strategic growth plans and setting the direction for new projects. He/she guides business and digital transformation efforts and continuous improvement projects to optimise resources, costs and operational efficiency, while also managing the career planning and development of staff. He possesses excellent leadership, decision-making and interpersonal skills.

Job Responsibilities/Key Tasks(External)

Conduct fuel farm operations
•    Ensure preventive measures are put in place to avoid future recurrence of issues
•    Ensure preventive measures are put in place to ensure fuel quality
•    Review get well plan and prepare write-off report/action plan if there are fuel losses
•    Collaborate with each worksite to obtain relevant demand forecast to review and plan for fuel stock

Perform maintenance operations
•    Escalate non-availability of GFE/GFP to customer's senior management
•    Approve complex maintenance work in accordance with financial allowable limits (FAL) and oversee complex rectification activities of equipment abnormalities

Ensure operational excellence and compliance with quality and safety standards
•    Set direction for new base/projects and engage external stakeholders to ensure smooth transition/ implementation
•    Develop business continuity plans to mitigate disruptions
•    Drive implementation of changes based on quality and safety reports
•    Ensure audits are carried out as per schedule and mitigate non-compliant audit findings with external auditor
•    Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure regulatory requirements are met and procedures can be performed by operations team
•    Endorse emergency response plans
•    Drive the unit's compliance to data governance and cybersecurity

Manage customer experience and relationships
•    Manage strategic contractual issues between operational unit and its customers
•    Maintain close links with key customers

Contribute to continuous improvement
•    Guide organisational transformation and continuous improvement projects
•    Challenge units to adopt new business strategies while actively balancing risk and opportunities to develop new markets

Manage people, finance and organisational development
•    Manage career planning and development of Operational Unit employees
•    Collaborate with cross-functional ops teams to strategise optimisation of resources and operational efficiency
•    Review capital and operating departmental budget
•    Review and approve purchase requisition based on financial allowable limits (FAL)
•    Ensure cost control of OT and management of MC rate below national average
•    Review proposed Scope of Work (SOW) and resources required
•    Establish initiatives to improve department's recruitment and retention rates
•    Liaise with HR for manpower planning and staffing requirements for all operational unit’s worksites
•    Front development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes
•    Ensure sales and cost targets are met

Job Requirements

Professional Qualifications & Relevant Experience

•    Degree with operation management skills preferred.
•    Prior experience with Aviation industry preferred
•    MS Office - Excel, Words and PowerPoint

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