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Logistics Supervisor (HLS - PLB)

Job Function

Warehouse & Cold Chain Management

Job Summary

The Logistics Supervisor - Warehouse and Cold Chain Management is responsible for supervision of general warehouse operations and activities. He/She is responsible for monitoring warehouse operations performance, quality and ensuring safe and efficient operation of goods and equipment.

He/She supervises the deliveries, asset management and transaction documentation process, and oversees the secure handling of goods. He/She also identifies opportunities for improvement within the warehouse operations.

He/She may be required to work in rotating shifts and be physically fit. He/She is expected to be vigilant, decisive, and possess effective communication skills. He/She is expected to conduct induction training and can be assigned to lead a team.

Job Responsibilities/Key Tasks(External)

Business Administration Operations 

  • Communicate requirements and activities to stakeholders
  • Participate in values-based culture and a culture of accountability in the organisation
  • Adhere to organisation’s governance, compliance issues and reporting processes
  • Adhere to organisation’s data governance and protection processes
  • Supervise teams at work
  • Work with allocated resources
  • Apply operational policies, standards and procedures
  • Perform basic risk assessment
  • Co-ordinate department's incident or crisis management initiatives

Business Process/Continuous Improvement 

  • Plan continuous improvement activities and performance improvement strategies
  • Analyse how different approaches may impact the problem-solving outcomes
  • Analyse business requirements
  • Implement advanced environmental protection policies and procedures

Safety and Health 

  • Manage Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) activities to ensure team's compliance to requirements
  • Perform safety and health risk assessment
  • Determine areas of non-conformance to WSH standards
  • Conduct WSH risk assessment to determine hazards
  • Facilitate WSH solutioning discussions around suggestions to improve existing processes

Technology Application 

  • Adapt latest technology to improve overall team operations
  • Facilitate the use of technology or electronic tools and devices

Sales and Customer Service 

  • Plan delivery of logistics products and services that meet customer requirements
  • Monitor lapses in delivery of logistics services to customers

Transportation Operations 

  • Resolve escalated customer relationship management conflicts

Warehousing, Cargo and Material Handling 

  • Resolve warehouse operations quality issues
  • Manage warehouse planning methods, warehouse storage and layout plans
  • Implement warehouse security plans
  • Monitor storage utilisation levels for various storage systems
  • Organise the execution of operations according to different warehousing situations and contingencies
  • Organise cargo-handling schedules to ensure timelines are adhered to
  • Monitor warehouse and operational performance
  • Manage methods and techniques used to handle dangerous goods
  • Manage methods and techniques used to handle time and temperature-sensitive cargo
  • Facilitate cargo consolidation activities
  • Co-ordinate transhipment and transloading operations
  • Facilitate stocktaking activities

Job Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of SAP/Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Proficiency in basic MS Office Applications
  • Physically fit for tasks that may involve lifting and moving packages 
  • Good team player, able to work well independently and in a team
  • Fork Lift licence is preferred

Professional Qualifications & Relevant Experience

  • GCE N/O Levels / NITEC 

  • 3-5 years of relevant working experience in warehouse operations

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