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Higher Executive - Operations

Job Function

Fuel Farm Management

Job Summary

The Higher Executive/Executive (AGSS/BFI/DSR) supports the planning and scheduling of day- to-day activities such as fuel inspections, loading/unloading, refuelling, and fuel bridging. He/she oversees the fuel farm operations to ensure it adheres to Standard Operating Procedures, and prepares routine reports on fuel systems operations, fuel consumption and inventory status to meet desired KPIs, and ensures the timely maintenance of equipment and vehicles. He also implements digitalisation and process improvement efforts within the business unit. 

The Higher Executive/Executive (AGSS/BFI/DSR) manages resources for operational efficiency and assists in maintaining a strong environment of safety and quality in the worksite. Responsible for his team's learning, he oversees the delivery of training and career development initiatives for staff members. He possesses strong communication, customer service and decision-making skills. 

Job Responsibilities/Key Tasks(External)

Conduct fuel farm operations 

  • Review log on fuel quality checks 
  • Prepare reports from scheduled testing of fuel 
  • Allocate resources to perform loading and unloading of fuel based on operational plans 
  • Perform daily fuel stock closing 

Conduct fuel bridger and aviation specialised vehicle (ASV) operations 

  • Allocate resources to perform defueling and refuelling based on operational plans 
  • Allocate resources to operate fuel bridger and aviation specialised vehicles (ASV) based on operational plans 

Perform maintenance operations 

  • Review logs from daily inspection, functional checks on GFE/GFP and raise defects identified 
  • Conduct checks on maintenance work of in-house equipment, facilities and vehicles to ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WI) 

Ensure operational excellence and compliance with quality and safety standards 

  • Enforce a strong quality, safety and/or security culture in the workplace 
  • Conduct briefings including safety/operational briefings and toolbox meetings

Manage customer experience and relationships 

  • Support customer complaint management activities 
  • Prepare daily and monthly management reports to RSAF and STARS HQ 

Manage people, finance and organisational development 

  • Manage team's learning activities to achieve required competencies and qualifications 
  • Raise purchase requisition for goods and services 
  • Prepare and revalidate security clearance of staff 

Job Requirements

  • Class 4 and/or Class 5 Driving Licence and/or vocational/Forklift Licence is an advantage
    Proficient in MS Office Applications/Power Platform Applications

Professional Qualifications & Relevant Experience

  • Diploma/Degree in any business/engineering or related field
  •  1-3 years of relevant experience
  •  Prior experience with RSAF preferred

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