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Aviation Ground Support Service Specialist

Job Function

Fuel Farm Management

Job Summary

The Technician Supervisor coordinates day-to-day fuel farm operations as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and ensure quality, environmental, occupational, health, security and safety standards are adhered to. He/she schedules technicians to perform required operations according to plans. He also supports investigations for dispute settlements. Externally, he liaises with fuel suppliers and customers and oversees the troubleshooting processes carried out by contractors to ensure the timely maintenance of equipment.

The Technician Supervisor supervises his team in operating a variety of aviation support equipment and vehicles for military and commercial aviation ground support operations. He/she develops staff capabilities through conducting on-the-job training and ensures compliance with safety and quality regulations. He/she possesses good communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Job Responsibilities/Key Tasks(External)

Conduct fuel farm operations 
•    Supervise fuel quality checks before commencement of operations
•    Facilitate scheduled testing of fuel
•    Schedule technicians/ senior technicians to perform loading and unloading of fuel
•    Record fuel transactions
•    Schedule technicians/ senior technicians to top up refueller

Conduct fuel bridger and aviation specialised vehicle (ASV) operations
•    Schedule technicians/ senior technicians to perform defueling and refuelling
•    Schedule technicians/ senior technicians to operate fuel bridger and aviation specialised vehicles (ASV)

Perform maintenance operations
•    Supervise daily inspection and functional checks on GFE/GFP
•    Coordinate with Approved Contractor for Government Furnished Equipment and Government Furnished Property to conduct scheduled preventive maintenance
•    Supervise maintenance on in-house equipment, facilities and vehicles in adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WI) and ensure that defects are promptly raised for rectification
•    Supervise housekeeping within the work premises
•    Supervise stocktake of all Government Furnished Equipments (GFE), Government Furnished Property (GFPs) and in-house equipment

Ensure operational excellence and compliance with quality and safety standards
•    Supervise operations to ensure quality, environmental, occupational, health, security and safety standards are adhered to
•    Supervise briefings including safety/operational briefings and toolbox meetings
•    Ensure prompt submission of quality and safety reports and consolidate QHSSE lapses raised
•    Participate in audits as required
•    Comply with regulatory requirements of operations site
•    Participate in Emergency and Oil Spill Exercise
•    Apply data governance and cybersecurity policies in operations

Manage customer experience and relationships
•    Supervise the day-to-day operations of the shift according to customer and contractual requirements

Contribute to continuous improvement
•    Participate in digitisation roadmaps of business unit

Manage people, finance and organisational development
•    Provide on-the-job and required regulated training for qualification maintenance
•    Monitor and submit documentation for security clearance
•    Arrange personnel for OT/Call Out assignment

Job Requirements

Professional Qualifications & Relevant Experience

•    NITEC and 5 years of experience preferred
•    Class 4 and/or Class 5 Driving License and/or Forklift License
•    Prior experience with RSAF preferred
•    Ability to use Apps and have cybersecurity awareness
•    MS Office - Excel, Words and PowerPoint

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